To step into top leadership roles and digitally transform businesses
  • Duration: 2 Years | 4 Semesters
  • International partner - De Montfort University, Dubai
  • Admissions open for Academic Year 2023-24.

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    Admissions open for Academic Year 2023-24.
    Program Overview

    The MBA Pro program is designed for the business leaders and innovators of the future. The program focuses on building professional competencies and the real-world skills required to become efficient leaders. The students enrolled in the MBA Pro program will gain insightful knowledge from industry experts, and learn about real-world case studies that will help them in their professional careers. Through these insights the students will be trained to perform in high pressure situations, solve complex business challenges and provide efficient solutions that will help businesses across diverse industries in an ethical, sustainable and profitable way.

    The MBA Pro program has two distinct specializations: Digital Business and Innovation and Creative leadership.

    The MBA Pro in Digital business is designed to train students to provide solutions to businesses for streamlining their digital transformation journey, navigate around challenges by implementing innovative technologies and offer sustainable solutions that will bolster growth. With the majority of businesses taking the digital transformation route for more productivity, the students will be filling up the right competencies in the job market.

    The MBA Pro in Innovation and Creative Leadership program has been carefully curated through detailed research about businesses actively seeking leadership traits and skills in candidates. This program empowers students to enhance their leadership management capabilities, develop advanced competencies and become exceptional leaders through real-world case studies so that they can guide businesses through complex challenges in their respective industries.

    International Collaboration

    ADYPU NUOVOS has partnered with De Montfort University Dubai for an internationally immersive experience. The students enrolled in the program will get the opportunity to study their second semester at the DMU Dubai campus, and earn internship opportunities which will add great value to their resume. Students will develop the right frame of mind when they are exposed to parallel perspectives from industry experts after completing their first semester at NUOVOS. This will allow the students to pursue their specializations in the following semesters. So, the MBA Pro program provides the perfect opportunity for students to understand global businesses better, study in a specially curated global immersion program and also have a cross-cultural learning experience during their second semester at the DMU Dubai campus.

    Key Highlights:
    • 16-hour weekly classroom sessions
    • Real-world Case Studies & Assignments
    • Master Class from Industry stalwarts
    • Global Recruiting Partners
    • Personalised Resume Building Exercise
    • Placement Assistance
    • Mock Interviews
    Did you know?
    • "The Future of Jobs Report" states that 92.9% of companies have had to accelerate their digitization processes due to the pandemic, creating numerous opportunities. (Source: MasterStudies)
    • 87% of senior business leaders say digitalization is a company priority (Source: Gartner)
    • The 2018 Annual Reports of the top 20 businesses in the Fortune 500 mention the word innovation 165 times
    • In 2019, LinkedIn named creativity “the most important skill in the world.” The World Economic Forum (WEF) placed it third on a list of the “10 skills you need to thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

    Bachelor's degree, ideally in a business-related discipline or equivalent, with an average grade of at least 50%.

    The following entrance tests will be accepted: ADYPU - NUOVOS PGAT (PG admission test for MBA), MAT -2021/22, CAT/XAT/SNAP 2021, NMAT 2022, CMAT 2022, ATMA 2022, GMAT/GRE - 2021/22

    Semester - Year 1 Fundamentals of Management (FoM)
    Semester 1 FoM1: Ethics and Corporate Governance FoM2: Managerial Economics & Introduction to Strategy
    FoM3: The Psychology of Management FoM4: Principles of Finance
    Leading for Growth (DMU)
    Semester 2 DMU1: Strategic Management DMU2: Leadership and Culture in Organisational Contexts
    DMU3: Project Management DMU4: * Sustainable Business
    Semester - Year 2 Global Business 1 Creative Leadership 1
    Semester 3 (As per specialization) GB1.1: Operations and Supply Chain Management CL1.1: Creative Individuals & organisations
    GB1.2: Consultancy and Change CL/DB1.2: Business Applications of Digital Technology
    Global Business 2 Creative Leadership 2
    Semester 4 (As per specialization) GB2.1: Emerging Issues Management CL2.1: Embracing Disruption: Creating an Agile Organisation
    GB2.2: Marketing in a Digital Age CL/DB2.2: Commercialisation & Enterprise Creation

    Note:*all students will take the ‘Sustainable Business’ Option with DMU, not the DMU ‘International Marketing’ option, as ADYPU MBA has its own Marketing module.

    • Become a Holistic Business Professional
    • Gain an edge as a Professional, armed with relevant skillsets to address market priorities and industry needs
    • Advanced Career Opportunities to succeed in the workforce of the future
    • Step 1: Submit the online application form with all relevant enclosures and application fee
    • Step 2: Verification of the submitted application
    • Step 3: Eligible candidates will appear for the entrance exam ADYPU Nuovos PGAT (Post Graduate Aptitude Test), if applicable
    • Step 4: Shortlisted candidates will undergo a round of interviews basis their entrance exam scores for ADYPU - NUOVOS PGAT (PG admission test for MBA), MAT -2021/22, CAT/XAT/SNAP 2021, NMAT 2022,
    • CMAT 2022, ATMA 2022, GMAT/GRE - 2021/22
    • Step 5: Shortlisted candidates will receive an admission offer letter
    • Step 6: Confirm your seat by paying fees & start with pre-course reading
    Stellar Global Faculty:
    Dr Nicholas Snowden

    Program Leader - Management

    Joe Chui

    Regional Head of Retail Technology - Digital Transformation

    Isidre March Chordà

    Professor in the Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Economics, Universitat de València

    Durga Rathinasamy

    Adjunct Professor and Research Scholar, Swiss School of Business

    • Industry mentors, teaching assistants to give guidance
    • One-on-one feedback on submissions and guidance over improvement
    • Personalised expert feedback on assignments and projects
    • Regular sessions by industry experts to clarify concept-related doubts
    • Industry networking & sessions on various industry trending topics
    • Discussion and feedback sessions with industry experts
    • Group activities with peers

    • Placement Portal to access pool of job opportunities available 
    • Interview Preparation by skilled career counsellors 
    • Resume building & Business Profile Management sessions from industry experts 
    • Career Fair for professional networking 

    Successful graduates will find themselves prepared for careers in leadership and management roles in SMEs, developmental leadership positions in larger corporate and public sector organisations, operational leadership roles in management consultancy, and dynamic tasks in start-up enterprises.

    MBA graduates to be able to excel in soft skills, building relationships, and complex problem-solving. As such, the program will create opportunities to build networks of personal contacts, to work in teams, and to develop and practice a range of skills that develop the ‘whole person as much as traditional MBA topics.

    • Digital Business: Digital Transformation Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, Head of eCommerce and more
    • Innovation and Creative Leadership: Entrepreneurs, CEOs and COOs, Management Analyst, Financial officers and more

    • The program will prepare students for a career in leadership and management in a complex, volatile and uncertain global business environment.
    • Candidates will be taught remotely by experienced international faculty, supported by knowledgeable and skilled ADYPU business management staff on site.
    • Enrolled students will get to spend a semester overseas, at the DMU Dubai campus, learning within - and about - a different culture, interacting with a cosmopolitan cohort and gaining invaluable life experience.
    • The program encourages candidates to develop a ‘lifelong learning’ mind-set, while building a portfolio of personal skills that are recognised as essential to success in corporate life.
    • The MBA Pro offers the opportunity to build networks of valuable personal contacts, and learn to balance ‘risk’ with ‘reward’ in an ethical and responsible manner.
    • Students can build a personal and professional resilience, learn to adapt and work with integrity, which is essential to make a positive contribution to the workplace, and to society more broadly.

    • Why Nuovos?
      NUOVOS was set up with a single-minded purpose to empower a new generation of Indian learners to take advantage of a multitude of new opportunities which lie at the intersection of management, pure science, and technology. We believe that India is at the cusp of unlocking enormous growth across new sectors like Health, Finance, Space Technology, Education and FoodTech, as more and more people turn to the Internet and Web 3.0 technologies for solutions.
    • Why MBA Pro?
      The MBA Pro program is excellent for students who want to go one step further in leadership roles and guide businesses through digital transformations. With two specializations available - Digital Business and for Innovation and Creative Leadership, students can learn about real-world scenarios that will help them make better decision makers backed with the right skills, industry insights and experience. The MBA Pro also offers an internationally immersive experience by providing an opportunity to study abroad at the DMU Dubai campus and earn internship opportunities while studying.
    • Is MBA Pro an offline or online format program? How is the degree awarded?
      The MBA Pro is an offline program that will be held at the ADYPU NUOVOS campus in Pune for the first, third and fourth semesters. The second semester will be conducted from the DMU Dubai campus, offering a global experience, multi-cultural exposure and internship opportunities in the thriving city of Dubai.
    Placement Partners