MBA Pro | MBA Pro Course in India | Nuovos
  • Degree: Masters in Business Administration
  • Specialisation: Digital Business, Innovation and Creative Leadership
  • Duration: 2 years Full-Time
  • Campus: Ajeenkya DY Patil University, Pune, India

  1. Students having 50% or above aggregate in all the Semesters / Years of undergraduate examinations
  2. Students appearing for their final semester/year examinations
  3. The scores of the mentioned tests will be accepted
    • MAT 2022/2023
    • CAT 2022
    • GMAT/GRE scores of any of last three years
    • ADYPU – Nuovos PGAT (Postgraduate Admission Test-MBA)

Each 15-week module is worth 4 credits, as per NHEQF requirements; the Business Projects module carries 10 credits, while professional development will carry 2 credits as it is delivered.

Semester 1 Common for both Specializations
SN Module Title
1 Ethics and Corporate Governance
2 Managerial Economics with introduction to strategy
3 The Psychology of Management
4 Principles of Finance
5 Personal & Professional Development
Semester 2 Common for both Specializations
SN Module Title
1 Strategic Management
2 Leadership and Culture in organisational contexts
3 Project Management
4 Sustainable Business
5 Personal & Professional Development

Semester 3 Specialization: Innovation & Creative Leadership
SN Module Title
1 Operations and Supply Chain Management
2 Creative Individuals and Organisations
3 Consultancy and Change
4 Business Applications of Digital Technology
5 Professional & Personal Development
Semester 4 Specialization: Innovation & Creative Leadership
SN Module Title
1 Emerging Issues Management
2 Embracing Disruption: Creating an Agile Organisation
3 Marketing in a Digital Age
4 Commercialisation & Enterprise Creation
5 Business Project
Semester 3 Specialization: Digital Business
SN Module Title
1 Operations and Supply Chain Management
2 Cyber Security Technology & Application
3 Marketing in a Digital Age
4 Business Applications of Digital Technology
5 Professional & Personal Development
Semester 4 Specialization: Digital Business
SN Module Title
1 Emerging Issues Management
2 Big Data: Tool & Techniques
3 Consultancy and Change
4 Commercialisation & Enterprise Creation
5 Business Project

Spend the second semester studying abroad at a world-renowned institution, where you'll interact with peers from all over the world and learn alongside them in the classroom, on the job, and in the networking arena. ADYPU has partnered with De Montfort University Dubai for an internationally immersive experience. The students enrolled in the program will get the opportunity to study their second semester at the DMU Dubai campus and earn internship opportunities, which will add great value to their resumes.

  • Per semester fee – INR 4,50,000
  • Total program fee (for four semesters) – INR 18,00,000
  • For Semester in Dubai (Please Note: Student visa and accommodation are included in the total fee. Students will have to arrange for their flight tickets and food expenses.

  • Prepare students for a career in leadership and management in a complex, volatile, and uncertain global business environment.
  • Be taught by experienced international faculty from a distance, with help from the skilled and knowledgeable ADYPU business management staff on site.
  • Allow students to spend a semester in an overseas location, learning within and about a different culture, interacting with a cosmopolitan cohort, and gaining invaluable life experience.
  • Encourage participants to develop a "lifelong learning" mindset by building a portfolio of personal skills that are recognised as essential to success in organisational life.
  • The possibility of developing networks of valuable personal contacts and balancing "risk" and "reward" in an ethical and responsible manner.
  • Develop the personal and professional resilience, adaptability, and integrity you need to make a positive contribution at work and in society as a whole.

  • Submit the online application form together with any required attachments and the application fee.
  • Confirmation that your application was received
  • Eligible applicants will take the ADYPU Nuovos PGAT (Post Graduate Aptitude Test), if appropriate
  • Candidates who reached the shortlist will be interviewed based on their scores on the ADYPU-Nuovos PGAT (PG admission test for MBA) or any valid management aptitude tests.
  • Get shortlisted, collect your offer letter start your journey with study material provided by the program leaders

About our MBA Pro

This global MBA is designed for the business leaders of tomorrow: students who successfully graduate this program will have acquired the skills, knowledge, and behaviours that are globally recognised as essential for leadership roles in modern organizations. Graduates will learn to perform and excel in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world and to welcome the challenges that this environment brings. They will be able to operate ethically, sustainably, and profitably in leadership roles in a range of industries and contexts.

The MBA is a qualification for existing and aspiring organisational leaders. Given the nature of the roles and tasks these individuals need to perform and in keeping with the MBA "brand," you will learn about the full range of topics that concern leaders of modern organisations, with the opportunity to specialise in Digital Business, Innovation, or Creative Leadership, while developing a comprehensive understanding of technological disruption in the corporate world. Modules will be delivered within clusters, addressing the preeminent issues in leadership and management.

"Enrol in our MBA Pro program today and unlock your full potential."

ADYPU has partnered with De Montfort University, Leicester (UK), and at their campus in Dubai, we offer an internationally immersive experience that will set you apart from the rest. You will gain valuable real-world experience through internships with global corporations based in Dubai. At DMU Dubai, you'll learn from globally acclaimed faculty and have access to state-of-the-art learning facilities. As a program that is designed to give you a cross-cultural learning experience will allow you to build a diverse professional network. As a graduate of this program, you'll be well-equipped to excel in today's turbulent, unpredictable, and complex business environment.

About De Montfort University:
De Montfort University is a globally recognised institution known for its teaching excellence and commitment to sustainability. The only UK university designated as a global hub for Sustainable Development Goal 16 by the United Nations, DMU is committed to addressing the UN SDGs in research, teaching, and enterprise activity. With a continuous presence in the UK pavilion at Expo in Dubai and a partnership with ADYPU, rest assured about your bright future as a global business leader

Industry Overview

These advances in computing power, bandwidth, and analytical skill are enabling new products, services, and business models. Increasing computer power and network speeds from cloud computing and 5–6 G mobile internet may boost creativity. The metaverse of augmented and virtual reality facilitates virtual R&D through digital twins and immersive learning. AI, machine learning, and software 2.0 (machine-written code) have made cutting-edge conveniences like self-driving vehicles and internet-connected houses available to the common consumer. Much ink has been spent on spotting technological trends, but fewer words have been devoted to their repercussions. The velocity and profusion of innovations necessitate new methods for MBA learning based on skills deployed in places of need. These democratising factors imply IT can no longer serve as a centrally controlled system. Finding the right combination of new goods and services will lead to a plethora of career advancement opportunities in a range of fields and across regional locations, as companies seek skilled individuals to achieve their overall goal and generate commercial success. Artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, space exploration, and biotechnology are great career choices for young leaders. Jobs in these domains are in great demand now and will remain so in many sectors and localities. The standard business tactics and regulations no longer apply in the face of fierce competition, mind-numbing speed, and exponential complexity. Global markets, digitization, cloud computing, millennial labour mobility, mobile technology, and geopolitical uncertainty create a new species altogether in the future and inspire innovative solutions throughout the world. It's impenetrable if you apply the same methods as always to solving problems. In other words, your company's or your professional success will depend on your capacity to learn quickly and inexpensively.

Key highlights of any business industry in todays tech world. (need infographics and listed appropriately to get a better look and feel of the page)

  • Retail media networks will expand in digital marketing and adtech
  • SaaS will be enormous, as AI and machine learning in SaaS may help employees by automating tactical and time-consuming tasks.
  • Cybersecurity and related industries are profitable and competitive in a crowded environment, and numerous sponsors provoke cyber attacks through unimaginable routes.
  • Digital audio combines new industries, such as podcasts, connected cars and homes, voice commerce, and more, with the "digitalization" of an existing one, like radio. Digital assets such as audio, video, or even VR have huge economic potential.
  • Despite improvements, human experience disappears. Businesses and customers pay for human connections, local service, and personalization online. A high-quality and personalised customer handling and decision-making process has huge potential in the future.
  • Businesses need knowledgeable, competent employees to innovate and compete. Innovation cycles and tech development accelerate the digital skills gap.
  • Healthcare is destabilising the market post-COVID-19. Businesses know consumers are health-conscious. Personalized healthcare improves treatment quality, access, safety, and patient experience.
  • Clean, blue, and green technologies are rising alongside cybersecurity and robotics. Marketing leaders may bring world-helping products to market in several ways.
  • A brand's message must stand out among the daily messages customers get. Adtech helps companies contact specific audiences and optimise advertising expenses. Successful brands must be inventive and creative.
  • Information about the food supply chain is essential. Managing global food supply systems will be tough as some economies suffer waste and others suffer widespread hunger. Controversy will surround GMOs and organic food.
  • Consulting is popular for various reasons, including digital transformation, business modelling, business intelligence, global pandemics, geopolitical events, supply chain management issues, and more.


I decided to enrol in the MBA Pro because I was interested in "digital marketing," a field that is always changing as new platforms come out. So, through an MBA, I would be better equipped with all the skills and technical knowledge about the business world. I would be able to smooth my path, which would eventually help me acquire a higher position in the industry. Since completing my Bachelor's degree in Mass Communication and Journalism, I've been involved in projects such as video editing and advertisement creation. My primary academic interest is computer science and gaining logical and systematic thinking in order to complete tasks. My second academic interest is mass communication because I am interested in knowing about advertising, marketing, and branding..

Mr. Samhitashis Majumder

Bachelors in Mass Communication and Journalism

I chose to pursue an MBA because it helped me understand the latest business trends, learn the various management tools and techniques, and understand business tools as a whole. Pursuing MBA Pro will help me understand management-related terms and tools internationally, and the education will not be limited to India. I will learn the working culture in Dubai and other countries. I have completed my graduation in BBA, and further opting for an MBA will enhance my skills and knowledge.

Ms. Prabhjeet Kaur

Bachelors in Business Administration

In today’s times, there are plenty of career options available to students. However, an MBA is considered to be one of the most popular career options. In my MBA degree, I chose marketing and digital marketing, and I got a golden chance from ADYPU University to do an MBA global in Dubai, which is very helpful for me in my career and my personality development. A MBA degree is tied in with getting a handle on the gigantic administration abilities from using time productively to self-administration to overseeing individuals and associations. It furnishes you with the characteristics of an appropriate chief that each association searches for.


Bachelors of Business Administration

Who should Apply?

  • Recent graduates from any discipline seeking good academic preparation for a professional career in technology-oriented businesses, digital businesses, and leadership roles in creative and innovation environments
  • Working professionals who want to pursue a more focused degree and be a part of leading innovations and businesses
  • This program is for those who want to brainstorm ideas for future successful businesses or firms and are keen to know how this is done.
  • Academically strong students who are not primarily interested in pursuing careers in leadership, such as CEO, CMO, Digital Transformation Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, Head of eCommerce, and more
  • Recent college graduates who dare to step into the global market gain winning strategies and quantitative skills that enhance their decision-making process and make them the perfect visionaries for growth and prosperity in any business.
  • Who wants a university degree that is not only taught traditionally, but also grows you in your first semester as you gain global exposure to how high-tech businesses operate?

Program Leaders & Advisors

Dr. Nicholas Snowden

Program Leader - MBA

Dr. Nicholas is the Director of MBA and Digital Learning at University of Bradford, UK. He has held a variety of posts at Hull University Business School, including Academic Director for MBA and Business School Academic Manager. In his career spanning more than 25 years in Higher Education, he has dealt with both undergraduate and graduate level students. In addition, he has taken on responsibilities such as teaching, supervising doctoral students, performing administrative and management duties, and providing financial support for research. Dr. Snowden is a seasoned academician who focuses on Leadership, Organisational Change, Human Resource Management, Organisational Behaviour, and Individual and Organisational Development in his classes.

Dr. Piotr Konwicki

Program Leader -Financial Technology

Dr. Piotr Konwicki has established himself as a world-class professor and instructor at a wide range of prestigious universities. He has always been passionate about economics and finance, with a drive to always adapt and experiment with the way he conveys his knowledge. Dr. Konwicki’s understanding of several areas of finance, including corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, banking, capital markets, and Islamic finance comes from years of diligent work. An Expert in his field, he has served as a senior lecturer at both the University of West London and the University of Bedfordshire. He has written well-researched books and articles on economics and finance due to his extensive background in the field. Dr. Konwicki has always thought that his responsibility as an educator is to assist students in achieving not just in the specialised culture of higher education but also in the real world.

Dr. Vijayakumar Varadarajan

Program Leader - Engineering

Dr. Vijayakumar Varadarajan is a devoted computer scientist and engineer with a Ph.D. and twenty years of experience at the national and international levels of education. His management expertise in a wide range of businesses and organisations has allowed him to get insight into the cutting edge of future advancements. He's been an adjunct professor at the University of New South Wales and a professor and associate Dean at VIT University in Chennai, to mention a few.


This is the only MBA training program with a full-time degree that provides in-depth instruction in cutting-edge areas including Data Analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning (ML), Digital Marketing, the internet of things (IoT), and big data. This course will make you familiar with the most in-demand skills that you need to lead any successful company.

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Lead Your Ideas

In order to make the most of your time spent studying about cutting technology and advancing your career prospects, register for relevant networking events, job boards, Start-up brainstorming sessions, seminars, and webinars. Make contact with influential people in leadership, management and beyond. And be able to launch your ideas in real time and get inspired.